ADATTO meets the management and fiscal needs of retail and wholesale businesses.

Thanks to its modularity, the application becomes specific for any type of activity.

ADATTO is a perfect ally in the management of your business, ensuring efficiency and organization in every sector.

ADATTO manages the various processes (accounting, warehouse, sales, etc.) with a complete and functional screen, allowing the operator quick access to all the necessary information.
Those who work at the counter, will not have to change the screen according to the document to be issued, in fact Suitable allows the compilation of Invoices, Transport Documents, Receipts, etc. from a single screen.

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ADATTO meets the management and tax needs of production and marketing activities.

ADATTO allows the management of the production phases through repetitive projects or projects aimed at the single order.

The stocks and the needs of the articles are monitored according to the production and supply dates; moreover, a calculation of production times is estimated through a lead time linked to individual items.

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ADATTO meets the management and fiscal needs of activities for commercial fuel, oil and gas depots.

It is the complete software for managing excise duties in Accompanying Documents.
Our solution integrates perfectly with the many software modules available.

From 1 October 2020 it will be mandatory to issue the electronic DAS (e-DAS) for the circulation of petrol and diesel fuel subject to excise duty and used as fuel.

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ADATTO pays special attention to service companies, in particular it is designed and studied to satisfy technical assistance centers

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