ThinPi is the new low-cost terminal made by Adatto Informatica based on Raspberry Pi 4 B,
the latest product in the popular Raspberry Pi computer range.

It offers revolutionary increases in processor speed, multimedia performance, memory and connectivity over previous generations.

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SmartPick easily detects the times of attendance and orders.
It can be installed in the office, in the workshop, on the construction site.
Just power it up and it can instantly be connected to your network via cable or wireless connection.
It allows you to detect the entry and exit times from work that will be transferred to the time archive.

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AdattoPos is the touch screen interface of ADATTO management software.

Our interface is designed to facilitate the cashier's work, through a simple use like using a traditional cash register.

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AdattoMag is a software for Windows CE and Android developed by Adatto Informatica Srl. AdattoMag allows data collection for inventory, creation of documents and so on.

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AdattoMobile is a tablet app designed to improve your and your agents' work.

AdattoMobile does not require an internet connection, thus ensuring its functionality in any place and situation.

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