SmartPick can be installed in the office, in the workshop, on the construction site.
Just power it up and it can instantly be connected to your network via cable or wireless connection.
It allows you to detect the entry and exit times from work that will be transferred to the time archive.

It can work online and also offline in the event of network problems and subsequently store and transfer the data detected.

I can use various types of badges, button and card

  • It is a simple and effective time detection solution for companies operating both in offices, workshops and construction sites
  • For both the construction site and the workshop, the data are entered by each individual employee through a simple personal badge and with the choice of the order of the moment.
  • The software allows the classic daily entry and exit stamping and the detection of individual orders
  • The perfectly integrated ADATTO management software allows you to view daily summaries of attendance and orders in real time.