AdattoMag is a software for Windows CE and Android developed by Adatto Informatica Srl. AdattoMag allows data collection for inventory, creation of documents and so on.

SuitableMag can be installed on any Windows CE or Android portable terminal.

AdattoMag allows you to perform data collection operations with simplicity and speed.

By dividing the read data into multiple sessions, it will be possible to collect the data for multiple documents and download them in one go or divide the read data by stock to make a more accurate inventory.

Thanks to the integration with the AdattoSync software it is possible to transfer the data of the items to the terminal and the data of the readings made to the PC both via the wifi network (if available on the terminal) and via USB cable.

AdattoSync is also designed for the distribution of item data even in remote locations, via FTP or via Dropbox ©.

You can forget about the storage space problems, limitation of old batch terminals. In fact, AdattoMag can store its data on an SD card, thus memorizing millions of article codes without reducing performance.

Furthermore, thanks to the data transfer via wifi network, update times are reduced to a few minutes.

SuitableMag is customizable; it is therefore possible to adapt the import and export procedures to the management software used by the company.

With AdattoMag you can:

  • Collect article codes and related quantities
  • Create multiple sessions
  • Fill in Documents
  • Inventory
  • Fulfill Orders
  • Take production material