ADATTO allows the management of the production phases through repetitive projects or projects aimed at the single order.
The stocks and the needs of the articles are monitored according to the production and supply dates; moreover, a calculation of production times is estimated through a lead time linked to individual items.

Orders and production commitments

ADATTO allows you to automatically manage Orders and Production Commitments related to projects and orders.
It is possible to launch into production with an explosion of the BOM and follow its progress to production.

Stock management

ADATTO allows the issuing of picking lists to facilitate the warehouse worker in the task of managing stocks and physically engaging the material for production.
It is also possible to do this via a portable terminal.


ADATTO with the management of the production plan allows you to have a view of the progress of production with the possibility of comparing the expected times and costs with final data. It is possible to automatically generate inventory movements to unload components and load the finished product enhanced.

Production planning

It aims to determine the goods (finished or semi-finished products ordered by customers, or so-called spare parts) to be produced over time in order to cover the needs deriving from orders from customers (taking into account the time required by internal production or entrusted externally to a subcontractor).

The Bill of Materials

It is a useful tool for manufacturing or assembly companies. Each article can be composed of other articles; in fact, the structure of the Bill of Materials allows to associate the necessary materials and the processes to be performed to an article. The enhancement of each item takes place according to various criteria chosen by the operator; in this way it is possible to calculate the value of the bill obtained by adding the costs of the materials used and the values ​​of the work performed.
Whoever has to manage the production must have all the materials and manpower necessary for the work. Knowledge of the availability of these components is essential for production planning.
It is also possible to simulate a production by calculating the need for warehouse items against a production estimate. After checking the availability of the necessary materials, it is possible to launch the commitment and production. Once the production has been carried out, it is possible to automatically obtain the values ​​in stock for each item produced.

Project management

The Project Management faces and solves the problem of the production of goods or services on order, activated on the customer's order, whose repetition is not predictable with sufficient reliability and therefore it is not possible to formulate demand forecasts or foresee warehouse stocks. Typical problem of shipbuilding companies or production on project or prototype.

Needs planning

Requirements planning is managed with the automatic generation of internal commitment documents, internal labor requirements, materials and contracts to subcontractors (with the compilation of the necessary orders to suppliers).

Warehouse management

Warehouse management allows you to always have under control the status of multiple warehouses, both physical and logical, providing information such as stocks, availability, committed and ordered. Checking the inventory and enhancing the warehouse is no longer a problem. In addition to the most common functions, such as printing the inventory and managing the stocks of individual products, it allows you to make statistics, targeted replacements and more.
With the price lists and contracts you can then manage differentiated prices for each individual product based on the customer, quantities and units of measurement.
ADATTO allows you to manage product barcodes and print labels with the most common printers on the market; it is also possible to use both wired and wireless barcode readers.

Freshmen and Lots

In the case of customers who always want the best, it is possible to combine the Serial Number Management and Lots Management modules for more in-depth and automated analysis.

Kit management is also provided.

Orders and Commitments

The module allows the management of both supplier orders and customer commitments. Thanks to the warehouse stock management it is possible to automatically create orders to supplier.


Estimates allow you to draw up offers to customers and requests for offers to suppliers.